Formini Welcome to our family…
Who are there in this family; mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers and our most precious baby, kids, teens. If our agenda topic is our kids who are held in high esteem, then their sanity, mental and body health comes before anything else. We take this responsibility instead of your and as ethical and human duty, we use in our product E1 melamine coated chipboard that doesn’t contain carcinogenic material.

Baby, kids and teens rooms furniture doesn’t couse smell of, eye burning, nose and throad sore. They are designed as healthy product for our kids happy and comfortable life. With its durable, healthy and esthetics specification, we exhibit Formini Collection for you and your most precious baby, kids and teens.

In addition, Formini products provide you freedom of alternative choice such as; model, color and areas of usage. For example, a bedstead has alternative size such as 90*200 cm, 100*200 cm and 120*200 cm. With its 90*190 cm top bunk and bottom bed it becomes a triple bed. Most of our bedstead are convenient for a sub-bedstead as second bed. Yes, durable and healthy bedstead are sized 90*200 cm and 100*200 cm and made from 25 mm wood. As a result, we have unlimited product, color and variety. For healthy generations in the future make your request from Formini sales points. We are along with you for your future.

Healthy generations for happy future with Formini